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journal papers

This is a list of selected journal papers published by the elop group. A complete list can be found at Prof. Junwei Cao's page.

Optimal Energy Management Strategies for Energy Internet via Deep Reinforcement Learning Approach

H. Hua, Y. Qin, C. Hao, and J. Cao. Applied Energy, 239, 598-609, 2019.

Stochastic Optimal Control for Energy Internet: A Bottom-up Energy Management Approach

H. Hua, Y. Qin, C. Hao, and J. Cao. IEEE Trans. Industrial Informatics, Special Section on Energy Internet, 15(3), 1788-1797, 2019.

Stochastic Optimal Control Scheme for Battery Lifetime Extension in Islanded Microgrid via A Novel Modeling Approach

Y. Qin, H. Hua, and J. Cao. IEEE Trans. Smart Grid, 10(4), 4467-4475, 2019.

Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger

LIGO Scientific Collaboration and Virgo Collaboration. Physical Review Letters, 116(6), 061102(16), 2016.

Adaptive Workflow Scheduling on Cloud Computing Platforms with Iterative Ordinal Optimization

F. Zhang, J. Cao, K. Hwang, K. Li, and S. U. Khan. IEEE Trans. Cloud Computing, 3(2), 156-168, 2015.

Multi-Objective Scheduling of Many Tasks in Cloud Platforms

F. Zhang, J. Cao, K. Li, S. U. Khan, and K. Hwang. Future Generation Computer Systems, Special Section on Advances in Data-Intensive Modelling and Simulation, 37(7), 309-320, 2014.

Optimal Power Allocation and Load Distribution for Multiple Heterogeneous Multicore Server Processors across Clouds and Data Centers

J. Cao, K. Li and I. Stojmenovic. IEEE Trans. Computers, Special Issue on Cloud of Clouds, 63(1), 45-58, 2014.

Application of Machine Learning Algorithms to the Study of Noise Artifacts in Gravitational-wave Data

R. Biswas, L. Blackburn, J. Cao, R. Essick, K. A. Hodge, E. Katsavounidis, K. Kim, Y. Kim, E. Le Bigot, C. Lee, J. J. Oh, S. H. Oh, E. J. Son, Y. Tao, R. Vaulin, and X. Wang. Physical Review D, 88(6), 062003(24), 2013.

Optimal Multiserver Configuration for Profit Maximization in Cloud Computing

J. Cao, K. Hwang, K. Li and A. Y. Zomaya. IEEE Trans. Parallel and Distributed Systems, Special Issue on Cloud Computing, 24(6), 1087-1096, 2013.

Dynamic Control of Data Streaming and Processing in a Virtualized Environment

J. Cao, W. Zhang and W. Tan. IEEE Trans. Automation Science and Engineering, 9(2), 365-376, 2012.

Real-time Gravitational-wave Burst Search for Multi-messenger Astronomy

J. Cao and J. Li. Int. J. Modern Physics D, 20(10), 2039-2042, 2011.

Formal Verification of Temporal Properties for Reduced Overhead in Grid Scientific Workflows

J. Cao, F. Zhang, K. Xu, L. Liu, and C. Wu. J. Computer Science and Technology, 26(6), 1017-1030, 2011.

Provisioning Virtual Resources Adaptively in Elastic Compute Cloud Platforms

F. Zhang, J. Cao, C. Hong, J. J. Mulcahy, and C. Wu. Int. J. Web Services Research, 8(3), 54-69, 2011.

Grid Resource and Scheduling for Data Streaming Applications

W. Zhang, J. Cao, Y. Zhong, L. Liu, and C. Wu. Computing and Informatics, 29, 1001-1028, 2010.

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