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research centers

This is a list of research centers operated by the elop group, sponsored by national and local governments, funding agencies, and Tsinghua University.

Beijing Engineering Research Center for Cloud Manufacturing

This center is supported by Beijing Municipal S&T Commission and focused on applying cloud computing for manufacturing applications. This is a collaborative effort with Beijing Smartdot Ltd and Beihang University. (4/10/2011)

Tsinghua - Zhangjiagang Smartgrid Research Institute

This is supported by Zhangjiagang Economic Development Zone. The institute is working on acknowledge transfer and industrial collaboration on smartgrid technologies. Click here for details. (1/26/2011)

Laboratory for Cloud Computing and Internet of Things

The laboratory is a part of the Future Information Technology R&D Center of RIIT. This is an initiative by Prof. Junwei Cao and Prof. Li Zhao. The laboratory is working on cloud computing, internet of things, and mobile internet. (7/1/2010)

LIGO Scientific Collaboration Research Group

LIGO Scientific Collaboration is the major international research community for gravitational wave detection and data analysis. This is the sole LSC research group in China. Click here for details. (9/26/2009)

Junwei Cao
prof. junwei cao

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graduate students

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elop team

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