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The elop group at Tsinghua University led by Prof. Junwei Cao is working on advanced computing technology and applications, e.g. Energy Internet and Gravitational Waves.

recent news

Tsinghua outstanding master thesis

Zhaoming Qin, a master student, won the outstanding master thesis award issued by Tsinghua University, titled Privacy-Preserving Reinforcement Learning for Cooperative Residential Load Control. (6/30/2022)

New book published by Springer

A new book, Energy Internet Systems and Applications, is published by Springer Verlag. Co-editors of the book are Ahmed F. Zobaa and Junwei Cao. Several group members contributed to chapters. (10/1/2020)

International center for GWs

International Joint Research Center for Gravitational Waves - Beijing International Science and Technology Collaboration Base is approved by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission. (4/26/2018)

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graduate students
graduate students

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